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Dutch Design and Synthesis Special Lecture: “Flow chemistry in Syncom. Cross-couplings and organometallic reagents in flow”

For our December edition of the Dutch Design & Synthesis Lectures, the Syncom flow team (from left to right: Kees van der Loo, Tom van den Broek, Elena Herrero and Lena Huck) presented an overview on Syncom’s flow capabilities. From photochemistry and multiphase reactions to high pressure/high temperature processes, our flow portfolio has greatly expanded in the last years. The newest addition to the team, Lena Huck, presented her postdoctoral work on the synthesis of organometallic reagents (Zn, Mg) in flow. Organozinc or organomagnesium are extremely useful reagents with applications in cross-coupling, Reformatsky or Grignard reactions, to name a few.
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