4ʹ-Phosphopantetheine (P-PantSH) has gained considerable attention in recent investigations aiming to halt or reverse the neurodegeneration in people with CoA-related disorders. Syncom has developed a reliable synthetic route for the synthesis of P-PantSH bis sodium salt, the fourth intermediate in the canonical CoA biosynthetic pathway.

4ʹ-Phosphopantetheine (P-PantSH) is now available in our catalogue. For price information please sent an e-mail to info@syncom.nl


Synonyms:   Psh-4′-P; D-Pantetheine 4′-phosphate; (2R)-2-Hydroxy-N-(3-((2-mercaptoethyl)amino)-3-oxopropyl)-3,3-dimethyl-4-(phosphonooxy)butanamide; P-PantSH.

Selected publications: (a) Sibon, O. C. M.; Strauss, E. Nat. Rev. Mol. Cell Biol. 2016, 17, 605.  (b) Srinivasan, B. et al. Nat. Chem. Biol. 2015, 11, 784.

This product is for R&D use only, not for drug, household or other uses.