European Lead Factory

Syncom is partner in the European Lead Factory (ELF), a pan-EurELFopean platform for drug discovery, involving more than 20 different academia, institutes and companies.


A major part of the ELF project is the creation of a Syncom_European_lead_factoryJoint European Compound Library consisting of half a million compounds. Syncom has committed itself to the synthesis of 40.000 novel compounds, which are to be added to the compound library. Since the start in 2013 a group of 8 chemists have already contributed more than 20.000 new substances to the compound library, meanwhile establishing our experience in library design and synthesis. The synthetic work is supported by a state-of-the-art preparative HPLC system enabling us to purify the required >200 compounds per week.

This effort in library synthesis is bound to give a major boost to drug discovery in Europe. At the same time it serves to strengthen the relationship between companies and academia, creating a platform for other successful collaborations in the future.