Dutch Design and Synthesis Guest Lectures: Prof. Hermen Overkleeft

Prof. Hermen OverkleeftHermen Overkleeft visited Syncom as part of our Dutch Design & Synthesis guest lectures. His talk, entitled “Synthesis of cyclophellitol derivatives as covalent glycosidase inhibitors”, disclosed  recent advances in the synthesis of cyclophellitol derivatives and their application as activity-based glycosidase probes.

Hermen Overkleeft did his PhD in the group of Professor Pandit, where he worked on ‘Azasugars. Synthesis and evaluation as glycosidase inhibitors.’ After receiving his PhD degree in March 1997, he accepted a postdoc position in the group of Professor Van Boom, and focused his research on the implementation of ring-closing metathesis on carbohydrate templates to generate functionalized carba- and heterocycles. In 1999, he went to Harvard Medical School as a postdoc in the group of Professor Hidde Ploegh. In July 2001, he was appointed as full professor of Bioorganic Synthesis at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry, where he became the successor of Professor Van Boom.