13C5-NAD+ Ammonium Salt

NAD+ is a coenzyme found in many living cells that participates in numerous metabolic reactions and has several essential roles in metabolism. For the monitoring of NAD+ levels and its concentrations in vivo, 13C5-NAD+ has been employed for screening of NAD+ samples in preclinical discovery studies. 1


Cas# NA (unlabelled 53-84-9) 
Purity > 96 % 
Chemical Formula: C1613C5H30N8O14P2 
Molecular Weight: 685.46 (free base : 668.42)
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Adenosine 5′-(trihydrogen diphosphate) 13C5 , P’→5′-ester with 3-(aminocarbonyl)-1-β-Dribofuranosylpyridinium hydroxide 13C5, inner salt; Pyridinium, 3-carbamoyl-1-β-D-ribofuranosyl- , hydroxide, 5’→5′-ester with adenosine 5′-(trihydrogen pyrophosphate) 13C5 , inner salt (8CI); Adenine-nicotinamide dinucleotide 13C5; CO-I 13C5; Codehydrase I 13C5; NAD+ 13C5

1 Measuring NAD+ levels in mouse blood and tissue via a surrogate matrix approach using LCMS – MS Bioanalysis (2014) 6(11) 1445

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