Analytical Services

The diverse chemistry performed within Syncom requires very broad and flexible analytical support. To meet this demand Syncom has invested in both state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained people. This has resulted in a soundly organized analytical service department that performs hundreds of analytical runs daily using a variety of techniques, including NMR, LCMS, LCTOF, GCMS (headspace), IR, UV/VIS and DSC.


Because chirality is involved in most of the chemistry performed chiral analytical support has to be the best. No less than four LC systems and one GC system are primarily used to separate optical isomers by chiral chromatography. Resolving enantiomers can be painstaking sometimes but with our experience, extensive assortment of chiral columns and automated method development setup our rate of success is over 99%.


The purification equipment can be used for preparative chiral separations as well. This means that  enantiomers from a wide range of chiral compounds can be resolved and isolated in high optical purity and chemical yield.


In addition to the in-house ISCO and BESTA low pressure automated purification systems we use two sophisticated preparative LC systems.  We can deliver within days if the demand is for purification of multigram quantities of an API or for the isolation of traces of impurities from complex mixtures. Helped by mass triggered fraction collection we can even handle compounds that bear no chromophore like sugars. After initial setup these purification systems can run fully unattended for long periods of time.

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