The Syncom NMR laboratory in Groningen, The Netherlands has two fully equipped 300 MHz Varian NMR-units. A comprehensive solution-state NMR service ranging from fast and efficient high-resolution proton-, fluorine-, phosphorous- and carbon-NMR to complete structure elucidation of organic molecules can be offered.

Our NMR laboratory is available for our chemists on a flexible walk-in basis, and we guarantee delivery of results within one business day (after receipt of samples) for external customers, who wish to outsource their NMR analysis needs.

Routine NMR analysis service is offered for fixed rates per sample including standard solvents and sample preparation.

Spectra are delivered in PDF-format via email to ensure rapid and convenient delivery. Raw data can be provided as well.

We also offer NMR services for smaller sample amounts (from 100 micrograms), at variable temperatures (-60 to 100°C), for quantitative analysis and most 2D techniques (COSY, TOCSY, HSQC, HMBC, NOE, etc.) as well as data interpretation on request.

We tailor our service to meet your demands. SOPs and NDAs can be arranged.

Please also see our other analytical services (HPLC-MS, MS, IR, UV), which can be combined with our NMR service.