For small scale screening work, Syncom has access to a broad off-the-shelf enzyme collection. A group of Syncom chemists has been especially trained to screen rapidly a variety of enzyme classes to identify the most suitable enzyme for your target reaction.

In general, various biocatalytic approaches are viable for a certain process. Syncom will advise you which biocatalytic route has the best chance of success, based on literature precedent and Syncom experience. Syncom performs a proper screening and simultaneously develops an analytical method for chiral HPLC or GC in order to streamline the process.

Syncom will report on the results and is able to develop successful bio-transformations to effective and scalable procedures for syntheses optimized up to kilogram scale production.


Biocatalysis platforms:

  • Hydrolase (Lipase, Esterase and Protease)
  • Acylase
  • Ketoreductase
  • Enereductase
  • Hydantoinase
  • Amidase
  • Aminotransferase
  • Nitrilase/Nitrile Hydratase


Biocatalysis is also part of our ‘Chirality First Time Right‘ service.