Chiral Chemocatalysis

Syncom is highly experienced in various (enantioselective) catalytic conversions including catalytic hydrogenations, all types of cross-coupling reactions (Suzuki, Negishi, Kumada, Stille, Hiyama) as well as other synthetically useful catalytic processes such as Buchwald-Hartwig, Heck, Ullmann, Sonogashira and metathesis reactions. We also have extensive experience with directed ortho-metallation strategies to prepare boronic esters and acids, zincates and stannanes for the rapidly developing area of transition metal catalyzed processes.

Syncom has a unique and direct access to Monophostechnology from DSM as well as UREAphos and METAMORPhos from Cat-it as well as all commercially available ligands. Our setup enables us to screen these ligands rapidly for assessment of conversion and enantioselectivity to provide fast, dependable candidates for discovery and development processes without any bias for a particular type of ligand.

Chiral Chemocatalysis is also part of our ‘Chirality First Time Right‘ service.