Chiral Chromatography

Partly in response to our extensive work on diastereomeric resolutions we have developed great expertise with the use of chiral HPLC and chiral GC columns. Successful performance of such work depends on rapid access to reliable information with regard to the enantiomeric excesses.

Virtually any racemate can now be separated very quickly on an analytical basis using rapid screening protocols we develop, including those that do not have the pronounced acidic or basic character needed for Pasteur resolution. The same chromatographic techniques are used to support work on, for example, chiral pool syntheses or enantioselective catalysis. These separations can often be scaled up for preparative purposes.

Particularly worth mentioning is that Syncom is experienced with the use of chiral exchange chromatography, a new and upcoming technique suited for many chiral salts.

Syncom can also arrange testing for chiral separations on simulated moving bed (SMB) apparatus for relatively small scale scanning and assessment studies.

Chiral chromatography is also part of our ‘Chirality First Time Right‘ service.