Conglomerate Screening

Often, partially enantiomerically enriched compounds are synthesized with techniques such as chemocatalysis and biocatalysis. If such a compound crystallizes as a conglomerate (mechanical mixture of enantiomers) these enriched mixtures can be readily recrystallized to optical purity. However, only 5-10% of all crystalline racemates crystallize as conglomerates. For the majority of compounds that are not conglomerates, knowledge of the phase diagram and in particular eutectic composition is often necessary to develop an optimal recrystallization method. In addition to their favorable properties for recrystallization conglomerates are also required for other resolution techniques such as preferential crystallization and resolution by grinding enhanced Ostwald ripening.

Syncom is specialized in screening your compounds (and derivatives thereof) in order to find a conglomerate.

Conglomerate screening is also part of our ‘Chirality First Time Right‘ service.