Diastereomeric Salt Formation

Syncom has long experience in the separation of enantiomers by classical or Pasteur resolution via diastereomeric salt formation. By simultaneous screening of resolving agents and solvents, we can produce the pure enantiomer in a matter of days. Diastereomeric salt formation is easily adapted for manufacturing purposes. On industrial scale this method is still used more than 50% of the time when a pure enantiomer is required.

Syncom is particularly well known as discoverer of the highly effective resolution variant known as Dutch Resolution. Success rates are very high (>90%) using this technique and the process is especially well suited for fast, small scale work.

Although it may seem a trivial aspect, the presence in the laboratory of all common resolving agents as well as the common mixes for Dutch Resolution together with familiarity with their solubility and crystallization behavior are indispensable for the achievement of speedy and secure resolutions. In addition, however, another factor deserves to be mentioned, namely the human component, ‘Fingerspitzengefühl’, to express it in German, is important.

Syncom is well equipped and our experts are very experienced in achieving a successful chiral resolution by diastereomeric salt formation.