Ostwald Ripening

A new technique is offered at Syncom which was developed in cooperation with DSM and the University of Nijmegen. By grinding solid racemate of a conglomerate under racemizing conditions up to 100% yield and 100% enantiomeric excess can be achieved. Ostwald ripening relies on the theory that large crystals grow by consuming small ones meaning that the outcome of a resolution with this technique is a single crystal of a single enantiomer. Of course, such Ostwald ripening would take too long on reasonable scale. However, if all crystals are ground down to facilitate fast dissolution of the crystals complete resolution can be achieved within one day.

This technique requires a racemizable compound that forms a conglomerate (mechanical mixture of enantiomers). We have the expertise and equipment to find rapidly a suitable racemizable conglomerate by derivatization of the target molecule.

The Ostwald ripening technique is also part of our ‘Chirality First Time right‘ service.