Fluorescent Dyes

Syncom has developed new fluorescent dyes with improved stability and improved tunable emission characteristics for efficient remote LED application as a member of the project “OPERA”. In this EU-funded project leading companies and institutes in LED lighting technology, including Philips, WACKER, Nanocomp, the Delft University of Technology and Syncom have joined forces with the goal to develop the next generation of energy-efficient, sustainable and affordable LED lighting systems. These light converting elements are inexpensive, have higher phosphor-conversion efficiencies than inorganic phosphors, are wavelength-tunable, manufactured in Europe, and ecologically sustainable.

Up to now the commercially available organic molecules are not photo stable enough or show poor emission characteristics. Syncom has been able to design and prepare new fluorescent dyes with a huge improvement in photochemical stability and with the desired tunable absorption emission spectra.

General structures of some fluorescent dyes custom synthesized at Syncom include perylene bisimides (PBIs), benzoxanthene dicarboximides, benzothioxanthene dicarboximides and benzimidazoxanthenoisoquinolinones, BODIPY, DPP derivatives:

Fluorescent Dye Custom synthesis1        Fluorescent Dye Custom synthesis2        Fluorescent Dye Custom synthesis3        Fluorescent Dye Custom synthesis4

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