Syncom can help with accelerated approval of biomarkers, diagnostics, photoaffinity labels, fluorescence and PET probes, and new drugs by custom synthesis, route scouting and process development. Our experts in organic synthesis have prepared various state-of-the-art and custom designed molecular biomarkers for clinical diagnostics and for drug discovery and development.

We have technical in-house expertise  using cutting edge synthetic methodologies with, for example, precursors for 18F-labelled biomarkers for PET imaging, fluorescent dye coupling reactions and biotine linked peptides. Syncom can support your development of new fluorescent dyes for biomedical research in cardiology, oncology, neurology and metabolic diseases by design and synthesis.

Syncom enables technology for innovative small molecule biomarkers and generates IP for our clients. Syncom can synthesize from mg to kg quantities and speed up validation of promising biomarkers for early diagnosis of cancer  and risk assessment.