Syncom has carried out many carbohydrate based contract research projects for leading pharma and biotech companies. All skills and specialties required for the successful completion of your carbohydrate projects are available.

The involvement of carbohydrates in various medically relevant processes has stimulated the development of synthetic carbohydrates and carbohydrate metabolites for toxicity studies, drug delivery and therapeutic investigations. Various complex oligosaccharides have been custom synthesized at Syncom often on 10 – 100 g scale. By manipulation of protecting groups and functional groups of monosaccharides, specific coupling reactions and derivatizations can be performed. Syncom has developed numerous multi-step synthetic routes to novel carbohydrates to provide complex di-, tri-, and even pentasaccharides.

Syncom chemists have also prepared various glucuronide metabolites of pharmaceuticals. We have reactive intermediates in stock enabling fast synthesis of glucuronides, glucuronide carbamates, quaternary N-glucuronide salts and 1-O-acyl glucuronides requested by our customers. Also stable isotope labelled derivatives can be prepared.

Azasugars such as 1-deoxynojirimycin and various derivatives thereof, have been prepared both on small and large scale.