New drug delivery platform

Syncom has joined the public-private partnership Top Institute Pharma (TI Pharma) by participating in a consortium formed with Synvolux Therapeutics and University Medical Center Groningen. The project is focused on designing a versatile drug delivery system for inflammatory diseases and cancer.
New molecular entities (NMEs) in the drug development pipeline comprise various classes of kinase inhibitors that cause unacceptable toxicity in humans. Proper formulation might circumvent side effects and improve their general therapeutic efficacy. However, currently no appropriate formulation technology is available for these kinase inhibitors.
This project focuses on a systematic approach in which chemical modification of NMEs is combined with drug formulation studies. This will lead to a versatile drug delivery platform for future clinical application of kinase inhibitors in the treatment of cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases. “This approach is expected to make targeted drug delivery finally meet its expectations, as it becomes available for a variety of drug classes that are under development in the pharmaceutical industry” according to the consortium members.