Hit finding and library preparation

For hit finding we have access to a novel fragment based library (>1500 compounds) applying the rule of three and a novel drug like library (1200 compounds, in progress). We have successfully performed several screening campaigns including in-house assay development. In addition we have excellent relationships with several European (high-throughput) screening facilities and expertise with assay development for HTS screening.

Syncom has up-to-date facilities for preparation of focused libraries in line with properties requested (drug-likeness and preferably logP (D) < 5, Mwt < 500). We have over 10.000 scaffolds and decorating agents (amines, carboxylic acids, aldehydes, boronic acids, etc.) on the shelf available for immediate use. Our set of scaffolds includes unique compounds, sp3-rich scaffolds and compounds having multiple points for further decoration. Furthermore, we are highly experienced in the preparation of (diverse) libraries based upon multicomponent reactions (MCR) and secondary transformations thereof.